Please note that toner cartridges, both OEM (new) and compatible, can be returned to IPS global under the following conditions:

  1. Contact IPS global with the reason for the return and request a Product Return ticket. An RMA order will be generated and e-mailed to the customer to accompany the return.
  2. Copy of receipt must accompany return.
  3. Cartridge must be in its original box, with no writing/labels on the outside of the box, and bag seal must not be opened, and the tear strip cannot be removed.
  4. Cartridges returned within 60 days of purchase will be charged a 20% restocking fee with balance applied as a credit to your account.
  5. Cartridges returned past 60 days of purchase will not be accepted for return.

IPS global will accept for full replacement/refund of defective items that match the following criteria;

  • For compatible toner cartridges / drums one year
  • OEM toner cartridges / drums thirty days
  • Projector bulbs 180 days
We strive to sell the highest quality cartridges on the market and we hold our manufactures to high quality standards with low failure rates. If you do encounter a defective cartridge, we ask that you:
  1. Contact us immediately by calling 1-800-347-2913 or by filling out this form. We will issue an RMA ticket and provide a return label to send back the defective cartridge. These will be sent to you electronically. If requested, a replacement cartridge will be ordered.

    **PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a credit for your replacement toner cartridge upon IPS global's receipt of the defective cartridge.**

  2. If there is a print quality issue (light print, lines on page, etc.), please include at least one printed page in the box with the cartridge.
  3. If possible, put the cartridge back into its original box. This helps us with the return process.
  4. You have ten business days to return defective toner cartridge for credit. If no return is received within ten business days an invoice will be created.


From time to time, your IPS global representative may ask you for your toner's serial number. This 11-digit number, which appears on your toner cartridge, can help us track potential problems and expedite returns. Use the image below to help you identify your serial number when the question arises. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Need help? We are available at 1-800-347-2913
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