Compatible - 95 Tri Color Ink Cartridge (330 Yield)


Manufacturer: IPS
Model: IPSCOPC8766WN
Yield: 330
Cost per Page: $0.1842

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Compatible Printers: HP PSC 1610XI, HP Officejet H470B, HP Officejet H470WF, HP Officejet 150, HP Deskjet 6520, HP Photosmart 2610xi, HP PSC 2355V, HP Deskjet 6620, HP Officejet H470, HP Officejet H470WBT, HP PSC 1610V, HP Deskjet 6830v, HP Officejet 100, HP Photosmart 8049, HP Deskjet 460c, HP Deskjet 460cb, HP Deskjet 460wbt, HP Deskjet 460wf, HP Deskjet 5740, HP Deskjet 5940, HP Deskjet 6540, HP Deskjet 6540dt, HP Deskjet 6840, HP Deskjet 6840dt, HP Deskjet 9800, HP Deskjet 9800d, HP Officejet 6200, HP Officejet 6210, HP Officejet 7210, HP Officejet 7310, HP Officejet 7410, HP Photosmart 2610, HP Photosmart 2710, HP Photosmart 335, HP Photosmart 385, HP Photosmart 7850, HP Photosmart 8050, HP Photosmart 8150, HP PhotoSmart Pro B8350, HP PSC 1600, HP PSC 1610, HP PSC 2350, HP PSC 2355

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